1. I can't find the product that I want, can you help?

STG Marketing offers a wide variety of products in addition to those you see listed on our website. If you need additional assistance finding what you want, please contact STG Marketing at 706.894.1016 or email at stg@stgmarketing.com

2. Can I get a sample of the product I am considering before I order?

Most items are available for sample. There may be a nominal fee on the more expensive items or pre-production samples.  Additionally, shipping charges may apply.  A spec sample can be provided on many products.  Spec samples are samples with your logo on them.  If you would like to see a product with your logo before you order, please reach out and we can let you know if it can be done!

3. How does the ordering process work?

Once the details of your order are confirmed with our sales team, we will send a sales order for confirmation.  It will have all the details summarized, including quantity, product color, imprint method and imprint  colors.  A virtual art rendition will also be included in the sales order.   With an Authorized Approval done over email, the order is processed and you can relax!  We take it from there, overseeing the process.  Depending on the project, you may receive a “Factory Art Proof” for a last-look before production.  A “factory art proof” is the decorator’s interpretation of our virtual art.   If this art is as expected, that proof is approved by you, and you’ll only hear from us to tell you it’s on its way!  

4. How long will it take to get my order?

Once your order has been placed, production times vary with each manufacturer and item. For items made in the USA , allow three to  four weeks or less to receive your product. For items manufactured overseas, allow 90- 120 days for the most cost effective delivery.  We recognize that in some situations you may need it sooner, that's not a problem, we can also expedite orders as well as needed. We have many items that can be delivered in under 72 hours! Just let us know what you need. In this case, "your emergency is our emergency!

5. What are acceptable formats and sizes for my artwork?

If you are sending your artwork to us via email, we can accept files that are up to 10 Megabytes in size. VECTOR art is required. The formats for vector artwork end in the extensions .ai or .eps, or Vector based .pdf.    Using a PC or Macintosh with a true Graphic Art Program, should provide access to these formats. If vector art cannot be provided, we can quote to convert your art to the proper format for printing.  Please give us a call to discuss or email. We will work with you on the format of your artwork. 

6. What is vector artwork?

Every logoed item has a process in which to set up your artwork to print.  When art is designed and logos are typed, the design becomes program specific and font specific.  The conversion process to set up an imprint may or may not extrapolate the information correctly; therefore, creating vector images from your art becomes necessary to keep the integrity of your art across any software.    Basically, a vector image is your image, outlined with a series of restraining parameters, so the shape of each part is not distorted, no matter what the size, when going to print.  

7. Are there additional charges?

Most products require that a silk screen or plate be made in order to apply the imprint or logo that you are wanting. If your selection requires more than one color, a screen must be made for each color. Certain products that you may choose do not require a screen charge if the content of the logo or the imprint is comprised of simple, straight-lined text. Screen charges are one time charges per product, per logo or imprint. New imprints or changes to an imprint or logo will require a new template to be created and subsequently new screen charges. STG Marketing will work with you to ensure that when, and if, a screen charge is required, that it is money worth spending. We will work to minimize these costs where possible.

8. Is Shipping and Handling free?

Generally, shipping is not free.   STG Marketing utilizes UPS and Federal Express (depending upon your needs) for shipment of your product. We charge you only for the actual shipping costs incurred.   If a shipping estimate is needed for budgeting purposes, let us know.

9. What if I need my item faster than the current production time?

If you need an item quicker than the production time that we have provided or is listed as standard for the product, we can help in getting your order expedited.  There may be rush production charges or additional shipping charges incurred.  Note: Not all items can be expedited. We will let you know if that is the case and determine if there is a different way to meet your needs.  

10. Do you keep a copy of my imprint or logo on file?

We keep a digital copy of your logo on file. If  you reorder the same product with the same imprint or logo within a reasonable period of time, we can re-use previous art and may reduce  set up charges.


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