Being Authentically You in Business, It Fits!

  • Mar 17, 2021

A couple years ago, I was helping one of my children study an extensive menu for a job interview, when I said, ” I should apply for this job. I know the menu as well as you now. I could ‘make bank!'”

“No, Mom.”


“You don’t say ‘make bank.'”

“Why? Did I say it wrong?”

“No. It’s just my generation’s saying. It doesn’t fit you.”

Wow. How telling. In that moment my role was defined as mother. To him, my words should fit my station. Not that his friends wouldn’t love it! I’d be super relatable, right? But those words didn’t reflect my true nature. And even though I can hear the voice inside my head saying, 'Hey, you can be trendy' (oh my goodness, a word that actually TELLS my age), what I now know about how I relate is so much more.

There is a certain "me" that I bring to the table. I'm not sure if this perspective arrives with age, or history, but love being myself with people. It fits. I'm not talking about being "raw." I'm talking about being authentic. Can I say "make bank." Yes, yes I can. And I probably will! But the nature of that simple conversation with my son is a reminder, to be myself.

Be yourself. Let the authentic you be a part of your business (and more). Get comfortable in that skin that is ONLY you. That's what makes "you" work!


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