Get To Know Us

Get To Know Us

We are a full service advertising specialties company offering a wide range of promotional items to promote your company. We help you find a cost effective way to market and promote your business with custom promotional items that speak to your customers and clients.

Our Story

Every day, we work for companies and people just like you.  We strive to bring proven marketing strategies and top-notch products that create a memorable experience within your budget.  We started this journey almost 20 years ago, built on relationships and great service; we are still building this great experience today.

Founded by Steve Petrakos, also known as “Steve the Greek,” STG Marketing is located in North Georgia, outside of Atlanta.  Steve’s spectrum of industry experience has been a great asset in delivering unique marketing campaigns. He has been in the sales and marketing field since 1975, and he found his passion in the creative and exciting aspect of promoting others’ dreams.

So, in 2000, STG was established to bring creative market strategies and promotional support, to enhance the marketing strengths of our clients. In essence, we aimed to position ourselves as an extension of our clients’ marketing department.

And we’ve done just that.  STG’s passion is to partner with clients that become friends, and serve as a part of the team.  Just think of us as the office next door, available to help you promote your vision and company.

We’ve built this company on trust, assuring our customers that we value their relationship by giving them our time, attention, and excellence in service. We don’t just look at the product itself, but we also dive deep into what those products say about your brand and what impact these products give to your overall message. When you work with us, your products will not only display your brand, but they will connect with your audience in a deeper, long-lasting way.


Who We Are

Steve "the Greek"

“Steve The Greek”, Well, that should have been your first clue that he enjoys marketing from a different perspective. Steve has been involved in numerous industries throughout his career, bringing solutions with a unique perspective.

From his experience in advertising, sales, marketing, and solutions, Steve knows how the industry works from the inside out.  His long history began with small beginnings, those fun quirky Kirby vacuum cleaners. Okay, he was a kid when he did the door-to-door sales.  He’s worked in printing, photography, jewelry, consumer electronics, and manufacturing.  And then he grew up... sorta.

No seriously, with all that experience, Steve set out on his own, starting STG Marketing in September 2000.   Making his clients’ needs a priority, Steve has grown STG to be an extension of the marketing team for each company.   He’s participated in company launches, logo development, event campaigns, and consulting.  He still enjoys lasting relationships with clients.  There’s more, but there’s not enough paper.  Oh wait.

Rhonda Campagna

Rhonda is the dreamer and glue of STG Marketing.  She has a natural drive to move things to the next level, but also knows how to make the connection between people and product. 

She has a B.S. in Clinical Psychology; well, she jokes it’s a B.S. cause there’s nothing you can do with it!   Actually, after a degree, Rhonda took a long break to raise 5 children, but re-entered the work force with STG Marketing in 2015.  She began in customer service, but moved quickly into learning all she could about the promo business.  If anyone could be a forever student, she’d be one!  If you’ve reached out to STG for any reason, you’ve encountered Rhonda in some fashion.  She’s introduced fulfillment, company stores and event support into STG and there’s no stopping her.  She’s known by the STG staff and others as “Wonder Woman.”

Rhonda’s passion for learning led her to teach arts history and write curriculum for over 10 years. To this day, you’ll see her using that gift in her writing, social media, and website content.  (She has another writer website, that has been neglected for too long).  But she brings that skill set to promo marketing too.  She loves connecting with new people, supporting their vision and helping each client promote what is near and dear to their heart.  Most recently, Rhonda is now operating as the President of STG!


Gene Boyd

Gene is a high energy and passionate person who naturally loves to encourage people and help build positive relationships. He enjoys partnering with organizations that are committed to boosting their engagement and morale internally to help drive their goals and objectives.   

His career began in the manufacturing business segment where he has a wide range of experience from operating equipment to management.

While in management, He became a certified facilitator of Lead Culture from Partners in Leadership. He has a well-rounded connection with people as a relationship builder to drive continuous improvement.  He is most proud of his proven record of success in boosting employee engagement scores and improving communication skills within all levels.


Gene joined STG Marketing in 2021, where he brings his leadership and engagement skills to marketing.  He is gifted at connecting the message of your business to the way you engage your people with promotional products.


Gene is an Active Member Lake Chatuge Rotary Club; Towns County Chamber of Commerce and currently serving as an Ambassador for the Union County Chamber of Commerce. 

What We Do

  • Marketing Consultation
  • Corporate Recognition Programs
  • Trade Show Programs
  • Sport Tournaments
  • Company Outings
  • Safety Programs
  • Service Awards
  • Business Gifts
  • Concept and Custom Design
  • Product manufacturing
  • Direct Importing
  • And Much More

How We Can Help

We are a full service marketing company offering a wide range of services to promote your company.  We help you find a cost effective way to promote your business that speak to your customers and clients.

Ready to Make the Step?

Put our knowledge about marketing to work for you. We provide customized, relevant recommendations for you. Simply take a look around or contact us now and we'll do the shopping for you!

All About Branding

Every brand tells a story. So, why not have your brand – your story – on a product that your customers will cherish. With high-quality printing processes, we make sure that your logo looks pristine every time. Want to see for yourself? Upload your artwork and see a virtual sample of what your product will look like with your logo!

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