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Artwork Design

If you have a great graphic artist, you’re all set!  But if not, we can help!  We work for you, helping you to create art designs that best convey your message.  Keeping up with trending styles is a necessary part of marketing, and artwork is just one of those mediums that connect people.  Utilizing designs that are relevant and current, STG can be your one stop design place for products.


Ever need someone to bounce ideas around with?  Two heads are better than one, right?  Invite us into the process, and we’ll bring our expertise to the table.  Whether you are planning a convention or expo, a golf tournament or Vacation Bible School, coming up with new ideas and themes is rewarding and exciting.  Putting that message out for others to catch in a memorable way is where we shine!  Anytime you have a message tethered  to an event in a meaningful way, you’ve made your mark!  Then the campaign becomes “sticky” and your message works!  STG takes pride in teaming up with you.  After all, making you a success is what drives us.


We love rewards.  And so do you!  Your hard work deserves recognition.  A note, a gift, or an incentive program is worth the investment to create the climate at the office that drives success deeper and teamwork upward.  So whether you are stocking a company reward store, anniversary gift program, or sales incentives, we can custom fit your company style to make your people love working.

Brand Marketing

Does your brand work for you?  Does it need a fresh look?  Does it communicate your message?  Brand marketing includes any logo, symbol or slogan used to keep your name in front of others.  Let’s make that memorable.  Find a slogan that peeks interest and the message your people can get behind.  That’s what culture is all about.  You have a culture in your company, and whether you are hoping to drive that home among your corporate world or the world outside, STG can help you get there.


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